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Australian Government Scholarship Scheme For Africans – Apply Now

The Government of Australia have recently made known of its scholarship scheme for
under-developed African countries. The scholarship scheme is in line with the United
Nations Standard of providing quality education to build human resources in the African continent.

United Nations have encourage other countries to follow the pace set by the Australian Government to help realize the vision 2020 agenda of developing human resource through quality and sound education.

The Vision which seems difficult to attain due to the lack of funds by most African
countries in need of quality education Brings about the need for a scholarship scheme to
help Africans study in different part of the word on a totally free tuition, housing and health care scheme.

The prime minister of Australia while addressing news men on the occasion for the
opening of the Scholarship portal Assured that the selection process of the students will
be very transparent and all who merit it will definitely have their tuition free scholarship.

The prime minister also advise the applicants to be of good behaviors and be ready to
learn as He will make sure they get a world class schooling under the scholarship scheme.

Africans are advise to always remember their home while under the scholarship and to
never involve in criminal activities that may make them loose the scholarship.


Each applicant for the scholarship have to fulfill the below:-

Applicants for the scholarship must not be below 18 years of age.
Applicants have to be from any of the African countries.
Applicants should not have any record of crime of any kind as that will lead to
automatic disqualification from the scholarship scheme.
Applicants have to at least credit their basic examination subjects from their previous
Applicants must be willing and ready to obey the school and countries rules and
regulations at all giving time.
Applicants must be ready to study in any of the approve universities without
discrimination of any kind.

The scholarship applicant are also advise to fill out the scholarship form with their
accurate information to avoid been rejected and ban from ever been part of any
scholarship scheme in the future.


Students with interest in any of the below mentioned field of study can apply for the
scholarship scheme.

Students who have interest in science related courses.
Students who have interest in Art related field of study.
Students who are technically inclined.
Students who have interest in Environmental and estate management courses.


All Africans are very much eligible for this scholarship scheme and are advised to utilize
the opportunity well for their good and the good of the African continent.

The Australian Educational minister made it known that over Eight thousand Africans will
be selected for this scholarship scheme.

The successful students will Study in their selected university across Australia and Europe.

All applicant are advised to selected their school of choice while filling out the scholarship form.

At least two university choice have to be selected to enhance the selection process and
ensure that majority of the applicants are offered the scholarship and study in their choice school.

The Director of education in the united Nations assembly Assure that the united Nations
while be part of the Scholarship scheme all through the selection process to further
promote transparency and educational rule of law is been adhered to.

While thanking Australia for remembering the African Nation in it scholarship scheme He
also plead with other developed Nations to come to Africa aid in building it human
resources by providing quality scholarship scheme and promoting its rich culture.


Applicants who meet the above stated requirements are to fill out the scholarship form
through the scholarship scheme link.

The Australian scholarship covers tuition free, health free, Accommodation free and an
annual stipends of $4,200 for student upkeep.

To fill out the scholarship form with your accurate data click here now.

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